We're Still Serving Food That Makes Your Day Better

Hey friends. 

For us, this feels like a keep-it-real moment.  

We certainly stand behind the governor and the regulation to stop all in-store dining. All steps that keep our community and loved ones safe are the right steps, no matter how difficult.

So for now, it’s our job to embrace the difficult change and adjust.
We might not be able to deliver “Food that makes your day better — in a place that makes you feel comfortable”, but we can still deliver “Food that makes your day better.”


Our family-run Cafe’s have been working 24/7 so that we can continue to provide our tasty & fresh breakfast and lunch options:

  • CURBSIDE PICKUP Curbside pickup is officially up and running at all our restaurants – call in to order and never leave your car
  • DELIVERY – We also have delivery options, both in-house and via Uber Eats
  • CATERING – Our full service Catering is still going strong, now with no minimum orders

Life seems like it’s going to be a bit crazy for a while.
So, we’ll support you with delicious food that makes your day better.
And we’ll appreciate your support during this tough time.

The Sunny Street Cafe Family