MDA Shamrocks & Sunny Street Café

Have you ever seen those paper Shamrocks, covering the windows and registers of local businesses around St Patrick’s Day? Those are from the popular Muscular Dystrophy Association March fundraiser. MDA Shamrocks are only $1, and each dollar goes towards research and making sure families have access to state-of-the-art clinics, support groups, and summer camps for kids.
MDA works hard for individuals and their familes- not only funding research but funding care for families in need. Muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related muscle-debilitating diseases take away physical strength, independence, and life. Already from the research and hard work this organization supports people are starting to live longer and more fulfilled lives!
This year Sunny Street Café is participating in Columbus! The Shamrocks we sell go towards helping families in our community, right here in Central Ohio. Our goal? Send a few amazing kids to summer camp, a special camp where there are no limits and barriers, where kids with muscle disease get to really be kids. We will be selling MDA Shamrocks from March 1-31st!

Come support MDA and the cause at these restaurants:

Arena District
Sawmill Road
Upper Arlington