Legendary Pumpkin Pancakes Are Back in 2019

September 14th.  2007.  And our Chef Matt was hungry.

Sunny Street Café was officially cooking on all traditional breakfast cylinders – but Chef Matt was dreaming of something greater. Something that mouths hadn’t tasted before.

In those days, the original iPhone had just been invented. Netflix still shipped you DVDs in the mail. And restaurants integrating “Pumpkin Tastes” had just started to be a thing.
The only hitch was – all the pumpkin dishes tasted the same.

Over four days and seven nights, Chef Matt tasted, touched, pondered, dreamt, and tinkered with nothing but his pumpkin obsession. Seemingly 117 ingredients got their chance to make the team. Ultimately, the perfect mix of a select few made the cut. (Sorry – attorney demands exclude us from emitting too much information).

Fall. 2008. Pumpkin Pancakes officially hit the menu.

And it didn’t take long before the pure deliciousness of this new concoction started to create some interesting happenings.

Babies were known to say their first words on first bite.
IQs were jumping double-digit points.
Broadway singers started rapping all cool like.
Chef Matt’s grandma dunked a basketball.
And the legend had begun.

Today, the famous Pumpkin Pancakes have now seen their due glory.
Countless awards have been won. Stories have been written.
And profile pieces have been scribed and blogged.

The good news — from September 16th – November 30th, the legendary taste is re-emerging at all 24 Sunny Street Café locations nationwide.