How To Brew The Perfect Iced Coffee

Coffee has many origins stories, but most agree that the magical properties of the bean were first discovered on the Ethiopian plateau. Thus a glorious drink was born. Coffee has gone through many stages and countless drinks have been created from it. Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos, iced coffee, café de olla, espresso, carajillo, café del tiempo, frappuccino, the list goes on and on. Every drink has its time and place. But iced coffee was made for the hot sweltering days of summer.
Brewing the best cup of iced coffee is an art, and it all starts at the beginning. Pouring hot coffee straight on to ice will shock it and brings out that acidity and burnt flavor that is none too popular. Cold-brewed is the general way to go (although the Japanese did discover a great way to hot-brewed iced coffee).
Cold-brewed coffee has about 67% less acidity than hot coffee, which greatly helps it popularity. As it extracts the gentle flavor of the coffee slowly a stronger flavor profile arises. Coffee snobs rejoice. To brew to the perfect cup of cold-brew, grab yourself a mason jar or a French press. Decide on your ideal coffee-to-water ratio, mix them up, and let sit for about 12 hours (patience, grasshopper).
Filter out the grounds by using a cheesecloth or your French Press, or both to really make sure there are no grounds in it. Put it in the fridge and enjoy! Most like to spruce up their iced coffee with milk, cream, sugar, or even spices like cinnamon and cayenne. At Sunny Street Café you can try our Iced Coffee (for a limited time only) and choose between regular, Mocha, or Caramel flavors. The coffee is double-brewed and served over coffee ice cubes, so there’s no worry about a water-downed brew.

Anna Hetzel, Content Marketer