Fast Break: Power Breakfast

Ever since the new year we’ve been trying to keep up with our resolutions. We’ve looked back at our past year, taking note of the goods and the bads, the regrets we wish we could take back and the risks we’re so glad we took. That new job? Check. Going on that week long Netflix and chocolate ice cream binge? Not as much.
But January 1st gave us a (somewhat) blank slate. We got to start over and do this year right. And most of us are hoping to get fit and feel good and happy in our bodies. That journey starts with breakfast. Yes, “breakfast, the most important meal of the day” is an over-used slogan for health nuts, but, you know, it’s true. So here’s to sticking with your resolution. Here’s to a healthy breakfast.

Protein Protein Protein: A Whey Better Boost

Your body needs good energy to run on throughout the long day. Vehicles don’t run on air, and neither do you. Starting with a good hearty breakfast will stop you from taking a mid-morning break to sidle on over the vending machine.
Instead of a quick piece of toast or cereal, wake up just 5 minutes earlier to give yourself time to cook an egg or make oatmeal. Or try Sunny Street’s Power Breakfast: egg whites, turkey sausage, toast, and fresh fruit (pictured above). On equal footing is the Protein Wrap: egg whites, turkey, fresh spinach, mushrooms, and Monterey Jack cheese wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla.
Raise your cup of coffee to a new year, to a fresh start, to a healthier you, and a better breakfast.

Anna Hetzel, Social Media Manager