Fast Break: Meatless Mondays

Have you ever heard of Meatless Mondays? There’s Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays, but Meatless Mondays (boy, we are fans of alliteration, aren’t we)? The typical American meal is vegetables, rice/potatoes, and meat. My dad swears a meal isn’t a meal without some good meat in it. Habits are really hard to break.
Sometimes it’s good to take a break from steak. Eating vegetarian forces you to be a little more creative in the kitchen, coming up with new recipes that you might never have tried before. And you’ll save some money and maybe even the environment.  While improving your health, eating a vegetarian diet could possibly help reduce carbon emissions and reduce your own environmental footprint.

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But what about protein, you might ask?Meat does give you all the protein you could need, but it’s difficult for your body to break it down. Not everyone likes Tofu, and if you’re gluten-free seitan isn’t an option. Don’t fret- protein comes in many other forms. Try adding beans into your soups, or putting an egg on top of your rice. Sprinkle some nuts on top of your salad. Eat more quinoa.  Check out this great article to learn about more complete protein options.
Don’t know what you make? Get a Breakfast Quesadilla at Sunny Street, or the Supreme Grilled Cheese. The Veggie Omelette is also a winner. Meat isn’t the only option- and starting out going vegetarian just on Mondays is a great way to experiment.

Anna Hetzel, Content Manager