Fast Break: Spinach

In a salad, mixed in an omelette, rolled up in a wrap, spinach is everywhere- and for good reason. Part of the chenopod family, spinach’s brothers and sisters are beets, quinoa, and chard. That’s vegetable royalty, right there. Spinach tops the charts for being one of the world’s healthiest vegetables. And with its wealth of vitamin K, you might as well call spinach King of the Vegetables.
Just in case you don’t know how amazing Vitamin K is, we’ve put together a quick list for you:

  • Helps increase bone density
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It can help with blood clotting disorders
  • Protects and lines blood vessels
  • An important antioxidant nutrient
  • Healthier skin and hair

Pretty incredible, right? And here’s a fun spinach fact for you: the origin of “a la Florentine” (dishes prepared on a bed of spinach) comes from the 16th century. Catherine de Medici left her Florence, Italy home to marry the king of France and brought her cooks along with her. The cooks prepared spinach just the way she liked it, “a la Florentine.”
It’s no wonder that Sunny Street Café has spinach in eight of the menu items, and you can add spinach to anything you like. We highly suggest trying the Veggie Omelette for breakfast or the Harvest Spinach Salad (pictured above) for lunch.
Head over to your local Sunny Street Café for your daily serving of the King of Vegetables.

Anna Hetzel, Social Media Manager