Fast Break: Egg Whites

Eggs are the perfect food. They can be boiled, fried, cooked, baked, whipped, and scrambled. They can make the most delicious of breakfasts and the most decadent of desserts. Eggs are full of protein and nutrients that your body needs to survive. They have loads of vitamins and minerals but not a lot of calories, making them the perfect snack food. On the go? Enjoy a hard boiled egg and you’ll have energy for hours.
Eggs also contain a lot of cholesterol, but luckily that cholesterol is all in the egg yolk, the rich yummy golden center. People who are looking to avoid cholesterol or wanting an even healthier egg eating experience should stick to just the egg whites. They also don’t have any carbs or sugar so those watching their sugar or with diabetes can enjoy egg whites without too much worry.
When you take out the yolk, an egg white is only a mere 17 calories. Those 17 calories carry more nutrients than you could even imagine! The whites have 5-10% of the recommended daily value of protein. That’s a lot of protein for such a small amount of food. Like we said- they are the perfect food. Protein not only helps your muscles, it also helps with weight and hunger management.
The magical egg whites also carry the ideal amount of potassium and sodium, two minerals who, when working together, help with heart function, metabolism and muscle contractions. The icing on the cake is that egg whites have a fun little vitamin called B2- the vitamin that helps metabolism, produce red blood cells, and produce energy from breaking down carbs.
There’s no question egg whites could be the answer to your health dreams. With all the amazing nutrients they hold, they are the perfect companion to a healthier lifestyle. Our Power Breakfast and Protein Wrap at Sunny Street harness the power of egg whites, keeping you to your resolutions and your body going longer.